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Can't cage this bird :)
"   Claim her, love her, fuck her, spoil her, trust her.   "
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Never make a person a priority in your life, while allowing them to make you an option in theirs.

Words of Emotion

midnight thoughts.

sometimes in life we meet these people that just fuck with our insides. they get all intertwined with our emotions and make us feel things we weren’t anticipating to feel and then the worst thing about it all is that they get us to care. and that is when we’re really fucked. because once they get us to care the little things they do affect us, good or bad. they crawl under our skin and get tucked and comfortable somewhere close to our heart and they just stay there and grow. some we can benefit off of but then others just drain us of our youth and our smiles and our laughs. and it just sucks you know, it sucks. cause once they’re there, that’s it. and you’ve got to be one strong son of a bitch to dig deep and rip that fucker out. because it might just stay there and feed off of you until there is nothing left for you to give and then, they just leave. leave with everything and you’ve got nothing but scars and memories. you’ve got to be strong enough to rip it out at it’s worst and then you’ve got to be the one to patch the hole they’ve left and repair your wounds. you just got to do it or you’ll lose.